Reduction of losses in the electricity grid


ELES is the Slovenian electric power transmission system operator and is the leading Slovenian electricity company in the field of supporting green transformation. It is focusing on advanced solutions that will enable the transition to sustainable society. ELES perceives great potential in the field of artificial intelligence and would like to be actively involved in its processes by developing state-of-the-art solutions, especially by combining domain knowledge of artificial intelligence with ELES experts‘ domain knowledge of the transmission network. ELES plans, constructs and maintains Slovenia’s high-voltage transmission network in three voltage levels: 400 kV, 220 kV and a part of 110 kV.

ELES´ key responsibility is the safe and reliable operation of the electric power system. This includes an open innovation approach to apply novel technologies. As part of this strategy, ELES is working with startups to test their solutions and eventually implement it after a successful pilot project.



ELES is responsible for the safe and efficient operation, maintenance, and economic development of the network. One way to achieve savings is by optimizing losses in the transmission system. Losses occur in various network devices, such as transmission lines, transformers, and FACTS devices, and vary by operational points, weather conditions, power flows, voltage magnitude, conductor types, and measurement inaccuracies. Currently, losses are often viewed as unavoidable outcomes of investments and operational measures.

However, ELES investigates possibilities that future investments and operational measures should consider economically optimal ways to reduce losses due to their indirect impact on company revenues. Measures to reduce losses can be categorized as planning measures and operational measures. Operational measures involve using existing equipment more efficiently, while planning measures focus on incorporating loss minimization into the planning process. This includes improving maintenance methodologies, enhancing cost-benefit analysis for new devices, and exploring innovative ideas of smart control using advanced algorithms and AI. These measures can be implemented at specific voltage levels, for a certain time frames, and their scope can also vary from local to international cooperation. Consideration of the financial investment required versus the expected return is essential when implementing these measures.

Asset Management

monitoring, inspection, measurement & analytics
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real-time analytics of markets (energy production & consumption, auction revenue modelling & prediction)
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Utilization of equipment

thermal rating of power lines, wheather assessment (heating, cooling), increase transfer capacity
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Energy transition

Smart Grids, seasonality of Energy supply (PV), transformation & storage of energy, resilience, electrification of transport (prediction of charging)
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IT Security

ensure safe cloud-based analytics of data
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      1. Open Call (July 20 – September 22): Interested can apply with a brief description of their solution.


      1. Profiles (September 30 – October 31): ELES picks the most promising candidates, those are invited to hand in  a comprehensive company profile and proposal to work with ELES.


    1. Pitchday (November 30): ELES picks the final top ten companies to present their solutions at a virtual pitchday in November, followed by individual talks and negotiations about potential pilot projects.


  • 115 startups from 31 countries submitted a proposal, 20 made it on the shortlist, 10 were selected to present their solutions on a virtual pitchday. In the end, ELES picked OKTO Grid (1st place) & Hepta Airborne (2nd place) as winners of the scouting.
  • OKTO Grid’s AI solution enables high volume digitization in condition monitoring. Hepta Airborne is optimizing today’s inspection process with UAV technology and AI-enhanced software.
  • Following the project, ELES enters discussions with both startups about a PoC and ways of collaboration


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HTSB is scouting for startups on behalf of ELES.

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