(Junior) Marketing and Content Manager (m/w/d)

  • Dresden

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SpiNNcloud Systems is a deep-tech spinoff from the Chair of Highly-parallel VLSI Systems and Neuro-microelectronics at the Technische Universität Dresden. We provide highly-parallel and real-time computing capabilities to empower our customers with the third generation of AI-driven systems. Our unique combination of statistical AI and brain-like computing advances real-time AI applications to an unprecedented large-scale and with an extremely high energy efficiency.

Our Mission

At SpiNNcloud, our mission is our compass – it guides our daily actions and fuels our commitment to excellence and success. It is the heartbeat of our startup:

We drive the third wave of AI!

Do you want to be part of our incredible journey? Are you up for bringing AI supercomputers to the market? Are you keen on working with a young, agile and thriving team in an exciting deep tech startup environment? Are you curious about which sci-fi technologies from movies like Star Trek are already reality today? Then let’s talk!

Your opportunity

As our Marketing and Content Manager, you will be at the heart of our company’s external presence, creatively shaping our public image and engaging with our audience on platforms like LinkedIn. Your role involves crafting compelling, brand-aligned content, including posts, articles, and regular updates that resonate with our followers. Collaboration is key, as you will work closely with graphic designers and our management team, lending your skills and insights to create impactful visual content, including graphics, images, and infographics.

In your role, you will be pivotal in channeling internal stories from various departments into captivating content for LinkedIn and other platforms. Your creative talents will be applied in video editing, producing clips that highlight our company culture and expertise. You will also design posters for LinkedIn campaigns and events, ensuring visual appeal and alignment with our mission. Occasional travel for company representation at events and media activities is also included in the job description. You will manage media relations, foster connections with journalists and coordinate press activities. Additionally, you will contribute to creating marketing materials like brochures, effectively conveying our company’s message and values.

This role is not just a job; it is an opportunity to be at the forefront of our company’s communication strategy, blending creativity, strategic thinking, and collaboration to enhance our brand’s presence and impact.

Your experience

  • Bachelor’s degree or specialized qualification in marketing, communication, or media design is highly recommended; a master’s degree is a strong plus. Essential experience in marketing, communication roles, or campaign management are preliminary for excelling in this role.
  • Native-level proficiency in English and German, with a solid grasp of branding, media, and journalism, ensuring effective communication and authority in the semiconductor industry.
  • Strong graphical and verbal expression talents, including knowledge of or willingness to learn graphic design and video production software. Your role involves creating diverse visual content, with a focus on proactivity and self-learning.
  • Skilled in simplifying complex concepts into clear messages and creatively overcoming communication challenges, effectively translating company values and products for a varied audience.
  • Analytical and observant, keeping up with technological trends and industry standards. Proficiency in data analytics tools to inform and improve marketing strategies is crucial.
  • A collaborative team player with exceptional communication skills, critical thinking ability, and efficient time management, enhancing both internal and external interactions.

Our Team

At SpiNNcloud, we are dedicated to revolutionizing high-performance computing and we are looking to grow our team with our first Marketing and Content specialist. Embracing the challenge of this trailblazing role, your skills and work will be instrumental in shaping our brand’s narrative and our companies‘ values and public image. Collaborating closely with our management, development and commercial teams, your task will be to transform internal insights into engaging content that not only resonates with the public, but also leaves a long-lasting effect. Doing that, you will also be the person to manage our relationship with the press and journalists.

In this position, your contribution will go beyond conventional job expectations. You will be a key player in a team that cherishes creative and strategic thinking, proactive engagement and a drive towards excellency. Your role is pivotal in communicating our collective journey toward groundbreaking achievements in the high-performance computing industry to the world. As our first marketing and communications manager, you are not just filling a position, you are forging a path of growth and success for both SpiNNcloud and yourself in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Our commitment

At SpiNNcloud Systems, we offer a dynamic and inclusive work environment. We are steadfast in our commitment to equal opportunity employment, embracing and drawing strength from the diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences.

We are pioneers at heart, always dreaming big, embracing risk, and steadfast in our mission to drive the third wave of AI. The success of our company is rooted in innovation, and we know that our mission can only be realized through the collective efforts of people who bring a wealth of experience and diversity to the table. That is why we at SpiNNcloud Systems see, hear and value every individual as equal, independent of age, ancestry, color, family status, gender identity or expression, disability status, religion or sexual orientation. Here, you will find a workplace where everyone is empowered to be their authentic self and where every team member is an integral part of our bold journey forward. Engage!

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