Senior Embedded Software Engineer (m/w/d)

  • Dresden

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Unique solution combining Deep Learning, Symbolic AI, and Neuromorphic computing Our platform provides a real-time, low-latency, and energy-efficient cognitive AI platform leveraging cutting-edge research from the Human Brain Project

As a deep-tech startup, we are looking for talented and passionate people with an appetite for problem solving. Besides the minimal requirements for this job position, your profile is a good fit to our company if you have the following values:

  1. High flexibility and adaptability.
  2. Tranquility to work under pressure.
  3. Appetite for learning and problem solving.
  4. Critical thinking.
  5. Ability to communicate effectively.
  6. Keen to collaboration.
  7. Proper time management.
  8. Highly autodidact, independent and proactive.


  • Actively participate in the planning and execution of the development of the Embedded Software in the 10 Million cores SpiNNcloud Machine.
  • Participate in the enhancements of the low-level firmware and software stack to support the 10 Million ARM-core SpiNNcloud machine.
  • Update the host software to deploy large-scale execution of graph-based applications in the SpiNNcloud machine.
  • Work closely with the applications team to update models for taking advantage of the new features in the SpiNNcloud Machine.
  • Contribute to the unification of the software stack combining the Machine Learning compiler and spiking neural network compiler.
  • Derive specifications to improve the hardware and software interaction within the SpiNNcloud Machine.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Experience in programming with embedded C and C++ applications.
  • Solid understanding of bare-metal constraints.
  • Strong programming skills and development experience in Python, C and C++, involving data structures, graphs and object-oriented programming.
  • Experience working with kernel optimizations, dataflow analysis, parallelization, scheduling, or memory allocation.
  • Prior experience with either Linear Algebra, Signal Processing, Machine Learning, Data Interfaces or conversion drivers.
  • BSc, MSc or Dipl.-Ing. in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, or any other related computationally intensive field.

Added value:

  • Active contributor in Github or any other hosting for software development with version control.
  • Experience with the LLVM compiler and toolchain.
  • Deep understanding of Neural Networks or Signal Processing algorithms.
  • Experience with microcontrollers and multi-core platforms.
  • Dr.-Ing., or PhD in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Physics, Mathematical sciences, or any other related computationally intensive field.

We offer a highly competitive salary with reallocation benefits in a flexible and inclusive work environment. We are an equal opportunity employer, and hence we welcome people of different backgrounds, nationalities, and experiences.

Your contact: Hector Andres Gonzalez Diaz

Location: SpiNNcloud Systems GmbH, Freiberger Straße 37, 01067 Dresden

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